Due to our new social distancing measures in place within our facility and after new guidance from the government about meeting people we have decided that we will allow the following to take place within our facility:-

  • Members of the same household are allowed to come together into our facility to help one another with moving your items


  • Two individuals from different households will be allowed to come into our facility providing they follow the 2 metre social distancing rules advised by the government


We really hope and trust that our customers will follow this guidance, as we would prefer to continue to allow our customers the option of having someone there to help should they need it.  We will be unable to offer any assistance with moving customers items and we would prefer to avoid imposing a sole person rule within our facility, as we understand how difficult it can be when it comes to moving furniture and other large household items. 

What size storage do i need?

As a rough indication:

  • Transit Van = 40 - 50 sq ft
  • Luton Van = 75 - 100 sq ft
  • 1 Bed Flat/House = 50 - 75 sq ft
  • 2 Bed Flat/House = 75 - 100 sq ft
  • 3 Bed Flat/House = 100 - 150 sq ft
  • 4 Bed Flat/House = 175 sq ft

what can/can't i store?

  • You can store almost anything from household goods to archive filing, excess stock to office furniture


  • You can't store anything that is flammable or perishable or illegal.

Do i have to pay a deposit?

There is no deposit required on personal storage, all of our storage options are due to be paid in advance.  So when you come to sign the contracts and present photo ID, we will take the first months payment there and then. 

Business storage operates differently and does require a deposit on shipping containers, however, deposits are not normally required on indoor spaces.

Can i pay weekly?

No, we ask for regular monthly payments for our storage spaces.  However we do offer prepay options where you are able to pay 3, 6, or 12 monthly in advance if you wish to do so.

is insurance compulsory?

No, you are not obliged to take out insurance for your items.  If you feel that your items are more valuable then you are able to take out insurance with our insurance provider

can i cancel anytime?

Yes, if you are able to give us some notice that is great!  Then we are able to finalize your bill and arrange any refund to you should there be such.

is there a minimum term?

Yes, we charge a minimum cost of 2 weeks storage.

When can i and how do i get access to my storage space?

Our storage spaces are all on ground level which means you have easy access when moving your items in or out of our facility.  There are different access doors to enable you to locate the closest one to your storage space, saving on any unnecessary walking distances.

You are able to access your storage spaces within our opening times.  However, our outdoor storage spaces are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as you are provided with a gate access key.  This means you can come and go as you please or whenever is more convenient for you.