Welcome to our online shop where you are able to purchase any packaging or security materials that we have available.  We can also offer a multibuy discount of 10% if you purchase 10 or more cardboard storage boxes at once.  Enter MULTIBUY10 at the checkout. 

We also have a great deal for our archive customers only!  If you require more archive storage boxes we are able to offer 10% off so you will pay £1.80 per box.  Enter ARCHIVE10 at the checkout.


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carboard storage boxes

Our cardboard storage boxes are perfect for storing various items of many sizes.  Specifically selected so that all of our boxes can interlink and be stored in many different ways, making your life easier when it comes to storing them.

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bubble wrap

General purpose bubble wrap, made from small bubbles.  Ideal for packaging various items of many sizes.

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Padlocks to secure your items and your storage space, an essential item for self storage.

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Parcel tape and safety knives

Parcel tapes of different types and safety knives to assist with your storage needs.